Get a $75 reward for booking a dentist on Opencare, and even earn money from a free teeth cleaning!

What is Opencare?

Opencare is a platform that connects individuals with top-rated dentists in their area. It provides a curated network of dentists, facilitating online bookings for users. The service also offers a matching quiz to help individuals find an oral care provider suited to their needs and rewards them for their first visit​.

Get $75 Reward

New users on Opencare can receive a $75 reward, which can be redeemed for gift cards from various merchants like VGC or Amazon, by signing up through a promotional link, making an appointment, and completing a dental visit.

Since many dental insurance plans cover certain services for free, essentially by scheduling and undergoing a free teeth cleaning or routine checkup, one can easily obtain the $75 reward, making the process very simple.

Step 1: Click here (or the button below) to activate the $75 reward; you’ll see a pop-up window indicating that the reward has been activated:

Step 2: Enter your address, and if your location qualifies, you’ll be directed to a short dental questionnaire that can be completed within a minute;

Step 3: At the end of the questionnaire, enter your email to activate the $75 discount, and start looking for a dentist to book an appointment with.

You can then see all the dentists collaborating with Opencare, and they all are in-network with the dental insurance you provided. If there aren’t any qualifying clinics, you can modify your insurance info and check again.

Select a clinic to see detailed information about the dentist. On the right, you can directly book an appointment online.

How to Claim the Reward

To get your reward post an Opencare dentist appointment, do the following:

  1. Sign in to your Opencare account.
  2. Hit ‘Claim your Reward’ at the top right, then fill out the form.
  3. Upload a dental receipt showing your full name, date of the appointment, treatment/services rendered, and the practice or provider’s name. You may attach an insurance document as an alternative.
  4. Remember, you must have had a new patient exam and any other dental service, such as cleaning.

Claims usually take 3-4 business days for review and processing.


You can claim an Opencare gift card reward if:

  1. You undergo a new patient exam plus another dental service like cleaning; general consultations aren’t reward-eligible.
  2. You’re 18 or older on the appointment date.
  3. You haven’t claimed an Opencare reward within the last 2 years.
  4. You’re a new patient at the dental practice.
  5. You booked your appointment online through Opencare; bookings via phone, in person, or other methods don’t qualify.
  6. The appointment was booked under the name on your Opencare account. If multiple appointments are booked on one account, only one reward can be claimed.


Opencare is a platform that helps individuals find and book appointments with top-rated dentists in their vicinity online. Through a matching quiz, it aids users in finding a dentist suited to their needs and offers a $75 reward for new users upon completing their first dental visit. The reward can be redeemed for gift cards from various merchants like VGC or Amazon.

This service simplifies the process of connecting with dental professionals while also providing an incentive for individuals to take care of their oral health.

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