Money-Saving Tips on Amazon: Utilize Completion Discount for a 15% Off on Most Products

What is Completion Discount?

Today, I’d like to share an incredible money-saving tip on Amazon that many people are unaware of. Did you know that you can get a 15% discount on most products? (Check out the “Discount Examples” section below or explore on your own!) By taking advantage of this tip, you can save a significant amount of money on Amazon.

This money-saving trick revolves around Amazon’s Baby Registry Completion Discount.

Here’s how it works: Once you create a Baby Registry, any items you purchase and add to the registry within 60 days before the designated due date and 90 days after are eligible for a 15% discount (applicable to most products). This discount, known as the Completion Discount, can be stacked with other discounts, and the additional 15% is applied to the original price before any discounts are applied. This means you can enjoy even greater savings!

For detailed step-by-step instructions, please refer to the section below.

Steps to Follow

Firstly, click here to “Create a Baby Registry” and fill in the required information.

Next, go to this page, where on the right side, you can see the status of your Completion Discount, including when you can start using it, how long it will be available, and the remaining discount amount.

For example, if I created a registry in early May, the image on the left below will indicate that the discount can be used starting from 5/21. Once that date arrives, it will change to the image on the right, showing that the discount can be used until 8/31.

Furthermore, you can also visit this page to check the real-time status of your discount usage, as explained in detail below.

How to Use Completion Discount

Let’s take the example of the Dyson hairdryer, which is available for $429.99 on various websites. Here’s how you can get it for $364.65.

On the product page, locate the “Add to Baby Registry” button at the bottom right side (on the mobile app, it’s usually below the price). Click on it to add the item to your newly created registry:

Next, go to your Baby Registry. If you see the “Completion Discount Price” you can enjoy a 15% discount:

Click on “Add to Cart” and proceed to checkout to see the applied discount.

Additionally, this discount can be combined with Multibuy Discounts (e.g., $15 off on household and kitchen items when you spend $50, $30 cashback on $60 purchase of P&G products, and more). The 15% off is calculated based on the original price.

Likewise, feel free to explore other products, as most of them are eligible for this Completion Discount.

Discount Examples

Here are just a few examples to give you an idea. Before making any purchase, you can add the items to your Baby Registry to try it out.

Examples of household essentials:

Examples of beauty and skincare products:

Examples of small appliances:

Examples of clothing and accessories:

Examples of health supplements:

Miscellaneous examples:

Checking your discount amount

You can use this 15% off discount on purchases of up to $2000, with no limit on the number of orders. This means you can get a maximum discount of $300. You can visit this page to check the real-time status of your discount usage, as shown in the image below:

Return Policy Benefit

Items purchased through this method also come with an important benefit: a one-year return policy! To initiate a return, simply submit a return request through the “Thank You & Returns” page.

Free Welcome Box

Another hidden perk of registering a Baby Registry is the opportunity to receive a complimentary Welcome Box. It includes trial samples of essential items for newborns and new moms, as well as baby bottles and clothing.

To be eligible for the Welcome Box, you need to have made a minimum purchase of $10 through this method. There are a few additional steps, but they are straightforward. If you’re interested, you can click here to check your progress and claim your Welcome Box:


Today, we discussed an incredible money-saving tip on Amazon that many people are unaware of.

By utilizing the Completion Discount feature of Amazon’s Baby Registry, you can enjoy a 15% discount on most products. We provided step-by-step instructions on how to create a Baby Registry, view your Completion Discount status, and apply the discount to your purchases.

We also shared examples of various product categories, such as household essentials, beauty and skincare products, small appliances, clothing and accessories, and health supplements, to demonstrate the versatility of the Completion Discount.

Additionally, we highlighted the benefits of the Baby Registry, including a one-year return policy for items purchased and the opportunity to receive a complimentary Welcome Box filled with useful items for newborns and new moms. Make sure to explore your own preferred products and enjoy the savings offered by the Completion Discount on Amazon.

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